Our Mission

Our primary goal is to empower financial advisors to be world-class asset allocators. Our software is here to guide advisors through an intuitive & robust asset allocation framework that they can confidently deploy for their clients.

Our secondary goal is to help build more suitable portfolios for clients by more accurately accounting for real-word risk preferences and financial goals, all while saving them billions of dollars each year in fees paid to TAMPs and similar outsourced investment services.

Image of David Berns

David M. Berns, PhD


David is the Chief Investment Officer and cofounder of Simplify ETFs where he leads the development of novel investment strategies that help advisors produce better outcomes for their clients. David began his finance career at a $5 billion multi-family office where he developed cutting-edge asset allocation, portfolio management, and risk management systems for managing private and institutional wealth across both liquid and illiquid asset classes. David then pivoted to developing short- and intermediate-term investment strategies that once layered on top of a client’s long-term strategic asset allocation improve both return and risk metrics. David is the author of “Modern Asset Allocation for Wealth Management”, a modern yet practical lens into the world of asset allocation, which was the genesis of Portfolio Designer.

David has a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of Quantum Computation and currently lives in NYC with his wife Carolee and son Henry.

The Book

From Amazon:
“An advanced yet practical dive into the world of asset allocation, Modern Asset Allocation for Wealth Management provides the knowledge financial advisors and their robo-advisor counterparts need to reclaim ownership of the asset allocation component of their fiduciary responsibility. Wealth management practitioners are commonly taught the traditional mean-variance approach in CFA and similar curricula, a method with increasingly limited applicability given the evolution of investment products and our understanding of real-world client preferences. Additionally, financial advisors and researchers typically receive little to no training on how to implement a robust asset allocation framework, a conceptually simple yet practically very challenging task. This timely book offers professional wealth managers and researchers an up-to-date and implementable toolset for managing client portfolios. …”

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